Carter's Story

My skin journey may have begun much like yours—teenage acne, applying foundation that was off by one-too many shades, and crippling embarrassment. But, what started off as a few simple blemishes quickly turned into chronic inflammatory cystic acne that seemingly got more severe with age.

My first experience with an esthetician came while I was in high school, but unfortunately it wasn’t for a relaxing facial. A chemical peel was the first service I received as treatment to combat my condition, and the first step I took towards skin health that actually provided noticeable benefits.

It wasn’t until 2016 when I finally started researching ingredients and trying every skin care product I could get my hands on—ranging from drugstore to professional grade. What started out as a hobby I did in my free time, turned into a serious obsession in a matter of weeks.

Although I continued to get professional treatments periodically, I struggled to achieve the results I was after. My acne became so severe during my last year of college, and my self confidence reached an all time low, I knew that I needed to take more aggressive action. So, after reading all of the horror stories I could find online, which was a big mistake by the way, I made the courageous decision to finally go on the oral drug Isotretinoin, better known as Accutane. 

I took Isotretinoin in 2017 for a total of 7 months. Fortunately, the side effects I experienced were mild and tolerable—and thankfully so, because Isotretinoin quite literally saved my life. After my course, I achieved nearly 100% clarity that, along with diet and lifestyle changes, has lasted since, and over the years I have slowly worked on remodeling the residual skin damage, such as hyperpigmentation and scarring, with laser, microneedling and chemical peel treatments.

Because my interest in skin care remained so strong, I decided to further my education by completing the requirements to become a state licensed Esthetician. 

I often say that I didn't choose the Esthetician life, the Esthetician life chose me. Helping others achieve skin wellness unknowingly became my life’s mission, and the foundation of what my business was built on. Carter Thomas isn’t just a skin care company, it’s a journey towards healthier skin—both yours and mine.  

In good skin health,

Carter Julien Thomas, B.A.
NCEA Certified Licensed Esthetician
Founder & CEO

Carter achieved their BA from Arizona State University in 2017 with honorary distinction. They received their Esthetician license in 2019 and became NCEA Certified in 2022. Carter currently lives in Colorado with their French Bulldog, Gemma.